The ‘RUSSH’ Editors Share How They’re Styling Their Favourite Spring Accessory, The UK Luxury Online Cartier Tank Fake Watches

It’s no secret that timepieces are quickly re-cementing themselves as the accessory of choice for those in the know. More than just an instrument that helps us clock the hours, best UK Cartier replica watches continue to represent an extension of our sartorial identity. And while it’s not always that serious, your watch of choice, and of course, the way you style it, can set the tone for your entire outfit. Thankfully, watches tend to be the ultimate styling chameleons, and none more so than the iconic Cartier Tank – a signature watch that has graced the wrists of everyone from Patti Smith to Andy Warhol and of course, Princess Diana herself. It should come as no surprise then, with its history of incredible wearers, that it’s the Spring accessory that the RUSSH editors can’t take off this season.

Undergoing several iterations over the years, the Cartier Tank family truly has an offering for all wearers. The top Swiss fake Cartier Tank Américaine watches offers a softer touch for those who prefer a leather band, while the newly-reimagined Tank Française – which was released just earlier this year – is a more commanding presence, with its curved face that almost moulds into the wrist. No matter where your heart lies, it’s how you wear your Cartier Tank that really matters. Over the cuff of a well-crafted black blazer, like RUSSH’s Executive Fashion Director, Hannah Cooper, or to elevate even the simplest weekend attire, in the case of Content Director Elyssa Kostopoulos, here, four RUSSH editors share their foolproof styling tips and how they love to style the Cartier Tank in the office, on set and beyond.

Jess Blanch

Editor in Chief

I love the 90s feel this 1:1 wholesale replica Cartier Tank Française watches brings to my workday uniform of jeans, white tee and jacket. It is a pure utility piece in the brushed, satin finishing of the yellow gold, that somehow translates as modern and vintage at the same time. The Tank family is always the cheap Cartier copy watches that resonates most with me, in part because I love a rectangle on the wrist but most importantly because Muhammad Ali (whom I share a birthday with) wore a Tank. And if it’s right for Ali, it’s the one for me.

Hannah Cooper

Executive Fashion Director

My tank of choice is always the Cartier Tank Américaine replica watches for sale in silver, with a leather strap. I love the notion of a unisex watch as that reflects my own personal style. It is masculine in nature, but has the perfect balance of femininity with its size and the smooth curves of the watch face. I love the geometry and angles of the watch, the face and leather band seamlessly lined up and love to style it strapped over an oversize blazer or sweater; it adds so much interest to your look without making too much of a statement. Classic, cool and timeless whilst modern. This perfect Cartier super clone watches is perfect for me as it sits flat on my wrist and doesn’t catch, meaning I can wear to the office, on set and then out to dinner.

Elyssa Kostopoulos

Content Director

Similarly to Jess, Cartier’s iconic Tank collection and the history behind the timepiece family has always enchanted me – my first introduction to the Tank’s magic occurring many issues ago now for our Taste issue. Truthfully, it was love at first sight, and I knew that when the time came for me to make my first serious venture into the world of high quality Cartier replica watches, it had to be with a Tank. Unsurprisingly, the new iteration of the iconic Tank Française came into my orbit at just the right time. The reimagined curved case adds a subtle feminine touch to an otherwise angular watch, which suits my style perfectly as I tend to float between structured and free-flowing silhouettes.

Contrary to the small watch trend that seems to be dominating as of late (thank you Timothée Chalamet), I love the eye-catching nature of the large model Tank Française. It adds an element of intrigue to even the simplest of outfits, which is typically my favourite way to style the piece. Double denim and a good pair of sneakers on the weekend transforms into a classic wide-leg pant and trusty knit throughout the week. It must be something about the instantly recognisable sapphire crystal details that has me dreaming of blues.

Charlotte Agnew

Fashion Director

The Cartier Tank Américane fake watches online site in rose gold is undeniably my watch of choice – there’s just something about the smaller rectangular style with the sapphire cabochon design that represents a timeless example of ultimate refined luxury. When I wear this piece, it instantly feels like an everyday essential, complementing and elevating my outfits no matter what the setting. The AAA Cartier replica watches eludes to a desire and decadent mood, which is the ultimate motivator and time keeper when setting up my schedule for the week ahead. There’s no look that my Tank Américane doesn’t instantly match – suits, dresses and of course, more relaxed and casual outfits. It is the chicest style and colour that suits every version of my wardrobe in my day-to-day at RUSSH and beyond.

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