Jalen Hurts’ $8000 Swiss Best Fake Cartier Santos Watches UK Turn Heads At Jordan Brand Partnership Announcement

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts became a Jordan Brand athlete earlier this week. In the official announcement, the Eagles quarterback is seen wearing custom Jordan apparel.

However, it wasn’t just the custom apparel that caught everyone’s eye. In the photos for the official launch, Hurts was wearing perfect replica Santos de Cartier watches.

The high-end Swiss made Cartier fake watches features a 39mm steel case with a carbon coating that appears like diamonds. This particular high quality Cartier replica watches was initially halted in production in 2016. Due to high demand, it was brought back in 2018.

The top UK Santos de Cartier copy watches is definitely not an inexpensive purchase and if Jalen Hurts purchased it himself, it cost him around $8,000. The luxury Cartier super clone watches has a 42-hour power reserve and is actually water resistant up to 300 feet.

The Jordan Brand was once seen just as a collaboration with Nike. Through the years it has grown to become one of the most popular sportswear brands in the world.

In fact, in recent years, professional athletes have turned away from Nike, Adidas and Under Armour to become Jordan athletes.

The NBA and MLB have already seen a change in the number of athletes sporting the iconic Jumpman logo. Now, the National Football League is starting to see its share of Jordan Brand athletes as well.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts was the latest NFL player to become an ambassador with the brand. Below is a list of the athletes who are partnered with Jordan. The list has grown throughout the years and now features 12 NFL players.

It’s not just NFL players who will be wearing the brand onto the field this season. Sean Payton, who was hired by the Denver Broncos this offseason, has also partnered with the brand.

Payton became the first NFL coach to sign with Jordan. The partnership became a reality when NBA legend Michael Jordan noticed that Payton was wearing Jordan 11’s when he coached the New Orleans Saints.

He contacted the head coach and after a few talks, he agreed to terms to be an ambassador for the brand. He has already received dozens of customized Jordans in the Denver Broncos orange and blue for this season.

Now sparks the question of whether Payton’s partnership with the brand will lead other coaches to do the same.

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