Hands-On With The 2023 Top Fake Cartier Tank Américaine Large Model Watches UK In Steel

At Watches and Wonders earlier this year, Cartier introduced the new Tank Américaine. It excited me because I had tried on the outgoing Tank Américaine a few months before at a get-together. It was a gold version with a date and a guilloché dial, and I was unexpectedly charmed by it. I assumed the cheap UK replica Cartier Tank Américaine watches would be too elegant and delicate for my wrist, but I liked it a lot because it’s so different from many other watches on the market. Let’s look at this new stainless steel version in the large size and see whether I’m still impressed.

Together with the AAA best Cartier Tank Française fake watches from 1995, the Tank Américaine from 1989 is one of the youngest designs in the Cartier collection. Of course, it’s heavily inspired by the Tank Cintrée from 1921. Compared to that model, it has a flatter case back, but it still has the elongated brancards with the rectangular dial between them. The minute and hour tracks are slightly curved on the top and bottom, and the octagonal crown with the faceted spinel is still there. What has changed, however, is the finishing on the dial

Out with the guilloché, in with the satin-brushed sunburst

As I said in the intro, the outgoing Tank Américaine had a delicate guilloché pattern on the entire dial. However, the new replica Cartier Tank Américaine watches for sale in stainless steel has a soft satin brushed sunburst pattern on its silvered dial. The rose gold version has a vertically satin-brushed silvered dial. It looks good, but the dial is a bit more understated than it used to be. It seems like the overall design has been sobered up a little. I have to say that I miss the guilloché as it’s one of my favorite types of finishing. On the other hand, I’m happy that the designers removed the date on all sizes of the Américaine.

The stainless steel case is polished and brushed to accentuate its graceful lines. The tops of the brancards are polished, while the two connecting pieces of steel in between them have been vertically brushed. The sides of the case are horizontally brushed to emphasize its slenderness. And, to improve the wearability, the strap now attaches a little further toward the end of the lugs. Thanks to this, the lug tips won’t stick out too far when the strap curves down around your wrist. It’s a subtle change, but the difference is noticeable.

Seconds hand or not?

When Cartier launched this new Swiss made Cartier Tank Américaine copy watches, only a mini, small, and a large version were mentioned. Up to this point, the French Maison hasn’t confirmed whether a medium-size model is in the works or not. However, having one would make sense because the difference between the small and large sizes is significant. The mini is 28mm long, 15.2mm wide, and 6.5mm thick. The small measures 35.4mm long, 19.4mm wide, and 6.8mm thick. These 1:1 online Cartier replica watches house a quartz movement and are significantly thinner than their mechanically powered sibling. They both come with a pin buckle, while the bigger size includes a folding clasp.

The large size that I tried for this hands-on review measures 44.4mm long, 24.4mm wide, and 8.6mm thick. It’s powered by the automatic Cartier caliber 1899 MC, a new movement developed to fit the brand’s thinner range of luxury fake Cartier watches. It runs at 28,800vph and provides a 36-hour power reserve. Unlike the quartz versions of the Tank Américaine, the mechanically powered one has a central seconds hand.

Pick your size

Suppose you’ve never worn a rectangular watch before. In that case, it might take some getting used to, and you’ll have to try a few different sizes to get it right. As mentioned, no medium size has been announced yet, so I went with the large because I felt that would be closest to the size I’d choose. Unfortunately, it’s big for my 17cm wrist. Even though a 44.4mm lug-to-lug might not sound very long, I feel it’s too long for this type of perfect Cartier super clone watches. It also makes the dial look too big on my wrist; it takes up too much real estate.

As I said in my recent hands-on review of the Santos, a Cartier watch should always be smaller than average. And the same is true for the Tank Américaine with its nearly flat backside. The curved brancards give you the impression that the Cartier replica watches wholesale is also curved, but it isn’t. So to make it sit nicely on your wrist, it’s better to go for a smaller size than you’d normally wear. However, I’m afraid that for many people, the small model, at 35.4mm long, will be a step too far.

As mentioned, the large Tank Américaine comes with a folding clasp. I appreciate that you don’t have to adjust it every time you put it on, and that’s exactly why I enjoy the butterfly clasp on my Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso. But with the Cartier clasp, you must fold the tip of the strap back into the buckle to size it. This feels like the wrong thing to do with the beautifully made crocodile strap the fake Cartier watches shop comes with.

Final words

I like that Cartier offers the Tank Américaine in steel because it means the watch is still somewhat affordable. The brand is still in the course of getting the best quality Cartier replica watches into its stores. But when they are this September, the small quartz model will cost €4,400, and the large size will cost €6,800. I still think it’s baffling that Cartier hasn’t announced a new medium version of the Tank Américaine. I want to believe it’s still somewhere in the pipeline, but let’s see what happens when these models hit stores.

Besides that, I’m glad I spent more time with the Tank Américaine. It’s not the best-known Cartier design out there, but I could certainly get used to wearing one. The changes to the design make sense, and even though I miss the guilloché pattern, I like how the designers got rid of the date. If my budget permitted it, I would go for the rose gold version. But as long as it doesn’t, the more affordable stainless steel version is an excellent alternative.

If you’re looking for more information, unfortunately, I cannot recommend checking Cartier’s official website at this time. The brand has confirmed with us that the currently listed sizes (including a medium version) and information about the 2023 China replica Cartier Tank Américaine watches are inaccurate and do not reflect the upcoming mini, small, and large models. We hope that the brand will update the website soon so as not to confuse interested consumers.

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