The UK Perfect Online Cartier Santos Dumont XL Fake Watches In Three Precious Metals

What We Know

At last year’s Watches & Wonders, the 2023 AAA replica Cartier Santos Dumont watches stole the show. I’m talking specifically about the models with the lacquered cases – and even more specifically the green version in pink gold. I must have visited the Cartier booth five times just to keep looking at that watch.

Well, Cartier is back for a Santos encore with three new models that a reminiscent of the best Swiss Cartier fake watches from last year but just a bit different. What we have are three watches, each in a different precious metal: platinum, rose gold and yellow gold. Each one features Roman numerals on the dial cut directly in jasper, jade and dumortierite.

Each color of Roman matches the cabochon on the crown. If you look closer still, you’ll notice a guilloché effect on the dial that plays well against the numerals. These limited edition pieces (200 of each) are equipped with the manually wound 430 MC mechanical movement.

Rounding out the Santos party are two more models. One is yellow gold with a deep blue dial, and the other is two-tone (steel and yellow gold) with a grey dial. Both have applied gold Roman numerals and both are in the Santos large size (43.5 mm x 31.4 mm) whereas the above-mentioned models are in the XL size (46.6 mm x 33.9 mm). These two high quality Cartier replica watches will not be limited.

What We Think

Well, we just love when Cartier has fun – and these UK luxury Cartier copy watches are fun. But I sort of feel like the watches themselves are taunting me. Limited again? Can’t we just have a product this cool in the permanent collection? A guy can dream. Where last year I was dazzled by the green iteration, this year, the yellow gold and blue limited model has my heart. It’s the one I’m most excited to see in person.

I also love the matching cabochon as a little touch of detail that feels very top replica Cartier watches. I have to imagine that with only 200 pieces of each variation that these will go quickly – so make that call if you want in.

The non-limited versions have their own merits. I mean, all-gold cheap Santos de Cartier super clone watches with a blue dial and matching blue strap? University of Michigan alumni are currently lining up around the block.

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